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Published on July 17, 2019

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I requested to cancel my services and close my account on 7/11, I chatted in with multiple people and also spoke on the phone with someone. The chat rep I spoke to said I had to talk to this person on the phone, when they called me they placed me on hold for several minutes, then came back and tried to tell me I hadn’t paid off my devices so they couldn’t unlock them. I told them I had just paid them off with the chat rep. She put me on hold for several minutes. When she came back she said it was going to take more time and asked to put me on hold. She said it’s taking so long because ‘there are four lines to cancel so it takes time’. I said I couldn’t keep waiting because I was at work, and asked if they could finish and email me when they had everything done. She said yes, and we hung up. I never got an email. I chatted in again to confirm that it was being taken care of. No history of anything being done. Finally I got a chat rep to work on unlocking my devices. I have two emails about 2/4 of the devices being unlocked. I’m chatting in with them today, 7/17, again, and now I’m in some make believe chat queue.

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