Suddenlink by Altice Complaint

Published on July 17, 2019

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SuddenLink has been charging me $10.00/month every month since February, 2019 for rental of their modem that was returned in February, 2019. I have provided, on several different occasions, tracking information from FedEx that confirms the returned equipment was received by SuddenLInk. Suddenlink has verified this information no less than 3 times. I have contacted SuddenLink Customer Service/Billing, as of yesterday (July 16, 2019), a total of 14 times regarding this issue. On 3 different occcasions I have spoken to a supervisor. On ALL occasions I have been assured that my problem is recognized and is legitimate but still no resolution. Suddenlink has even assigned a “Field Escalation” number (#******) which apparently means nothing at all. Now to add insult to injury my latest bill from Suddenlink that I just received this morning not only again shows the rental charge for the returned modem but also a surprise 15% increase in the charge for my internet service.

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