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Published on July 18, 2019

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When porting over 4 numbers I was told my bill would be no more than $260 with everything included. I had no home of my own, they told me by porting over my 4 numbers I was eligible for the BOGO with no stipulations and I consistently asked them over and over are you sure. On multiple occasions they said yes. Different reps. They never said I needed home services to be eligible. I started the process online and ended up going to the store because they only sent one phone out and during that time my sister passed away so I was out of town. I asked if they wanted to cancel the entire thing all together and they said no just go pick up the other phones in the store which was in another city. We had a rough time getting set up ,because the guy in the store was talking about the promotion with home services. He called in and they confirmed what I told him, no home services needed for this promo. I have called in more than 50 times countless hours on the phone. Phone disconnected when they said it wouldn’t be. I am a single mom, I have had so many nsfs because an extra $80 was and still isn’t in my budget however I use my phone for business so I really need it. I kept getting different lies told to me to keep me calling back in no resolution at all has come about. They keep saying we will give a credit and then no you are not due one. They haven’t fixed anything. I want all of my credits back and I want all the time I spent on that phone to be reimbursed. This is slamming, fraud and all they had to do was go and listen to the phone calls. They refuse to.

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