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Published on July 20, 2019

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It was never disclosed in the booking details or the rental agreement that the property was 12 miles up on a mountain and had an elevation of 4,000 feet. The road to the property was a steep, winding nightmare, unlit and eventually foggy. It was very difficult to navigate as out-of-towners, even in the daytime. These travel conditions were extreme enough to cause a passenger panic attack after 30-45 minutes of attempted driving. It was decided that we could no longer continue forward to the property due to severe safety concerns. We attempted to contact the property host multiple times but were unable to reach them for several hours, eventually having to contact Airbnb support. We asked if there was another available property from both the host and Airbnb but never heard a response back. The approximate distance of the property was also listed to be 45 minutes to a destination we needed to be for work related events but upon booking and entering the actual address into the GPS, it was discovered to be over 1.5-2 hours away, most of the distance being the 12 mile climb up/down the undisclosed mountain. This distance was unacceptable to drive back and forth. We followed all professional protocols with Airbnb and the host, but the host is uncooperative and refusing a refund. I was unfairly charged for a service that I never received.

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