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Published on July 21, 2019

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We were illegally evicted just an eviction notice said get out immediately with sheriff’s Dept on there but wasn’t from sheriff’s I had 2 kids and wife pregnant at time also she lost her job and all we had was my income. They also never gave us a move in paper to mark damages of any kind and my friend who worked for them at time in difft state says if that paper is not on file they can’t charge you for any damage. So they charge me more for moving out bc of carpet which was already crap and needed replaced when we moved in over 2000 almost for carpet and charged me over a month of rent when I was already gone bc of eviction notice to leave immedialty. And I would have paid them in small amounts but be in full couldn’t pay some here n there to help knock it down and kept charging me late fees everyday making even more impossible to pay. They forced us out basically then throw a huge bill at us and send it to collections after I’ve had crazy people knocking on our door in middle.of night and blood in hallways from disturbances daughter had someone knock on her window tell her come outside at 3 am and loud obnoxious people above us that would stomp so loud wake my kids up throughout day and night and all calls were ignored and even to security it got so bad. So they are charging us close to 10k and I feel I’m a victim of this

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I don’t have to pay anything since they illegally put my family out on streets should pay me more emotional damages

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