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Published on July 22, 2019

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Pay Pal put a hold on my business account created with the email ***** trying to link me to paypal accounts i’ve told them i have not remembrance or recollection of resulting in me losing my business and my business website, me being an entrepreneur and business owner that caused me to be in severe poverty, cant pay my rent, and on the verge of being homeless as I live from my business. They put holds on my account every year even after me uploading and sending verification pictures of my Social security card and Id to verify Im real with my business account. Paypal is the only way I can receive payment with my business that I no longer have and they keep the hold on my account no matter what. Not only that, now out of no where my business account is negative $163 which they never emailed me or contacted me to notify me that they made my account negative.. This is a big problem and I just want the money that was paid to me by my customer and my business back running..

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I would like the company to take my account out of the negative and release my funds and never put a hold on my account ever again and i want to be compensated for the struglle and hardship ive been through due to there actions.

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