Airbnb Complaint

Airbnb Complaint

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Paid over a $1,000 for an Airbnb (strict cancellation policy) in California. Area was different than was expecting. Me and my group are from Chicago, so we are unfamiliar with the location. Came in, upon first glance I noticed that the house itself was nice but not very well managed. There were scuffs all over the ways and strange liquids in various places. It was clear that whoever prepared the house only made the beds. The house was dirty (makeup on walls, beds, hair all over, all trash cans full, mystery fluids in living room, bedrooms, etc). Only one of our cell phones were working. The other phones were without service. Made us immediately uncomfortable. the internet was not connecting. Contacted host, they went from responding quickly to nothing. waited almost an hour for whatever cleaners. We did not feel safe via physical safety as well as health (group has sensitive skin). Left within two hours of the four day reservation. Left that night and had to scramble to find alternative housing. Host never responded after letting them know we left the place. They never cancelled the reservation nor did they say anything about any policies. Airbnb quoted several different reasons why they refuse to release my funds, never consistent. Strict cancellation policy or not, the host as well as Airbnb should not be able to hold someone’s money hostage if we never stayed in the hospital.

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I would like a full refund plus any damages for small claims court.

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