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Published on July 24, 2019

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They added extra channels and fee’s for these added channels without our knowledge. When they installed our service the rep who came out to our house told us we weren’t on a contract and that we can cancel at anytime. Then our bill went from $35 a month to $85.99 a month. We called to have it disconnected and were informed that we our service was not on a contract but we have a 24 month contract on the equipment which we want to return but will be charged the disconnection fees for the remainder on the contract. However, we were told that we weren’t on a contract so that would be legally an intraptment. We were also told when the Driectv rep came out to our house was told that our bill will not go up and after 12 months it did from $35 to $85. I have been on the phone with these people for hours since 07/11/2019. Filled an compliant that was either not filled or had been closed without my knowledge. I couldn’t get a straight answer out of the rep that I had spoken too. I was on their recorded line with the supervisor agreeing that this is grounds for a lawsuit. It’s all on their recorded calls. Now, they are just hanging up on me. Please help!!

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