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Published on July 25, 2019

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At a Sprint store, I’ve ordered an iPhone following an offer 30 days money back guaranteed + buy 1, get 1 free. They sent me 5 phones instead of 2 phones and 3 LG phones for “free”. I’ve never asked these phones, I was charged by taxes. Representative online told me that these phones are not free and I will be charged, so I request a return. Then I contacted them the second time, they said it was free but because I’ve requested a return, I have to pay for them if I wouldn’t return them back. I’ve spent well over 20 hours fighting some additional services I’ve never requested, eventually, I decided to return all devices and cancel contact. So I followed their representative instructions (some recorded via text in my email), but then they wouldn’t cancel my contract and keep charging me. So I’ve already spent another 20 hours of my time going to their stores, calling to representatives and having no luck in fixing my issue.

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I am getting paid $125/hour, I’ve spent at least 40 hours.

So I would like my time to be refunded $5000 + my account be canceled with no monthly bills + get the money I paid from my credit card back they’ve advertised – $919.18


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