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Published on July 26, 2019

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Kaplan University is now Known as Purdue Global University. I was a straight-A student with a GPA of 4.0 for 6 consecutive terms. I successfully completed all of my core requirement courses under this GPA status. During the 7th term of my studies, I was hospitalized several times and prior to this 7th term, I explained to Kaplan University that I suffered from a medical condition that would require me to submit to medical ER when my doctors received lab results from bloodwork indicating low calcium. I could not choose my education over my well-being. It would be a detrimental and hazardous choice for my health. It could have led to death. The college was made aware and even when I was hospitalized I upheld and exceeded their academic standards. However, during the year of 2017, I became very ill. I also battled other medical concerns as follows: chronic asthma, chronic anemia, hypocalcemia, arrhythmia, menorrhagia, other bodily injuries limited my mobility to move or walk with ease. These concerns were repeatedly discussed via email, via phone calls, etc. In all of this turmoil, I was successful in completing all of the work and demands the college had stipulated for online students. I anticipated in the 7th term that I may need extra time to complete about two or three modules. Dr. Reyes-Fournier granted this right. I reached out to the professor and reminded her that she agreed to allow me time to complete the modules. She confirmed this with the Administrators and her superiors who all agreed that it was granted and that I must have submitted all work by April 8th, 2017 and no later than this date. On April 3, 2017, the academic advisor, Mrs. Teyah Ha—, and Dean Tessa Ho— ignored this right granted and approved an academic dis enrollment. There is an agreement prior to this action. I requested that they allow me the time agreed prior to and that the school was well-aware of my medical condition and limitations. The Dean Mrs. Ho— was very rude in her response and said that she did not have the power to reverse such action. However, she did have the power to approve overriding an agreement that was granted prior to this academic dis-enrollment.

I believe this took place because Mrs. Ha— alleged among other staff that I was verbally disrespectful to staff and unprofessional. I requested proof of these allegations and none were provided. I do believe that several staff members with influence falsely filed reports against me without my knowledge and later used these documents to allege that the behavior reported was unsuitable and academically inappropriate for the university’s setting. I had concerns regarding the finance and the manner in which they calculated the aid. It appeared that every term the funds were reduced based on the statement of “The Cost of Attendance has changed for this term.” When I spoke to the financial department I requested to know what exactly changed in COA. The gentleman I spoke to stated that he could not provide that information to me. However, I am the person paying them for my education and the borrower of the loans and financial aid. He said that information was only displayable for his superiors. Kaplan University was adjusting my funds based on these allegations. There were hundreds of dollars missing each term. Any effort in protesting resulted in the rejection of my calls or prolonged delays. One call I waited so long that the automated system stated they could no longer assist me. The FA office would push back my call until closing took place. There was no change in the Cost of Attendance. I paid the same fees without any changes.

Reverting to the issue of disability and academic dis-enrollment, I was not informed that I was disenrolled from Kaplan University. On April 5th, 2017, I logged on to https://campus.purdueglobal.edu/Personalize/Home and had limited access. I was given an F grade. This significantly impacted my GPA. The professor was clueless about the matter and she confirmed that I was given the right to complete my work. I wrote to Dean Ho— and she stated that there was nothing they could do. Kaplan University made an agreement and defaulted on that agreement. They misused policies as a form of retaliation. In 2018, I was encouraged to reapply. I reapplied. Unaware of the negative reports against me, my application was submitted during the summer months. The next day my application was denied by Dean Ho— alleging that I was disrespectful and unprofessional toward various staff members. The university did not allow me a chance to make-up work even when I was in academic good standing. They refuse any re-entry based on false accusations against my character. They denied any appeal I submitted with proof that I was not at fault. Mrs. Ho— deleted nearly all of her emails to me leading me to believe that she removed incriminating evidence proving guilt. I believe I was discriminated against due to race and disability. I mention race because I do believe it was a determining factor in the decisions they made against me. I believe that other students are given the opportunity to achieve their academic goals.

I thought I was the problem, but I have found that online schools have a tendency to discriminate against disabled online students who are in the minority category. Mrs. Tessa Ho— has been reported for making racist remarks against minority students. I will provide several documents when prompted to do so. During the days I was very ill in the hospital, Mrs. Ha— persistently harassed me concerning taking a leave of absence. Then he hounded me about a temporary leave of absence and an extended leave of absence. I told her that I would not be taking either and intended to continue my education. Taking a leave would have financial repercussions that I could not handle at the time. Mrs. Ha— continued to taunt me about the issue and then made mocking and sarcastic statements about my medical limitations. My husband became very irate and on my behalf is that he is my power of attorney stepped in and sent Mrs. Ha— a very stern email asking her to please cease her harassing behavior or we would have to take legal action. When I mentioned this to a recruiting staff she scolds me and stated that I should not have threatened Mrs. Ha— with such actions. I was not allowed or my power of attorney was not allowed to exercise my rights as a student and human. Mrs. H—- had all legal grounds to taunt and mock me while I was in the hospital. I became so frustrated that I asked her not to contact me anymore. If any person would contact me, then it should be her superior. She continued to do so even after I asked her not to and then she began sending automated messages threatening to have me automatically dis-enrolled.

My experience has caused me to jump from college to college. I attempted to return to the same college so that I will not have to restart my education elsewhere in doing so, the US Department of Education has flagged me as a fraud and any application must undergo an Unusual Enrollment History Verification. These are the damages that I have sustained. Kaplan known as Purdue Global University has spread these false allegations against my character forever damaging my name. I applied to NYU and Liberty University seeking to continue. Online colleges and universities do not uphold their Non-Discrimination Policies for the disabled and online students. They are upheld and enforced only for certain groups of people and a certain class of people.

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I would like the college to allow me the right to continue my education and to contact the US Department of Education to remove this UEH status under my name. The right to replace an F grade with a better grade. I want the college to refund me in full all payments paid to them, to compensate me for punitive damages, any medical costs that I incur through my insurance, for mental health, medical, etc. This is for the period I began to the date I was automatically dis-enrolled. I would like the university to issue a letter of apology for this discrimination and harassment. Any punitive damages should be considered as well. The amount must be calculated as there are thousands that were paid to them and thousands I am responsible for paying because of this gross negligence and intentional malice. I will ask for the maximum amount. I would like the university to grant me all the rights granted to their upper-class students who are also disabled. I will leave the asking section blank as there is much more than 10,000.00 of losses and damages.

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