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Published on July 27, 2019

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I purchased my own modem in 2017, which I’ve always owned my own modem while doing business with Comcast for approx 15 years. End of 2017 to current, Comcast began charging me a monthly fee for My modem. I called and first time was told my morpheme was enter incorrectly in their system and they would fix it, next several calls and hours on the phone, final response was my modem was a stolen unit, which is not true. I’m unable to get any help from Comcast and I be seen hundreds of complaints just like mine on the internet, where Comcast is now charging them for their private modem, saying theirs is stolen as well. I am beyond frustrated and don’t know where to turn, I could purchase another but the same thing will happen. I have the receipt from when I purchased my modem.

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