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Published on July 29, 2019

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Hello I recently flew from LIH to OAK

and before boarding I upgraded to first class. I boarded the plane and sat in my assigned first class seat. Immediately I noticed the seat hardly reclined if any about 4 inches due to a wall dividing first class with business class. Being as tired as i was I quickly dosed off. Soon later i woke up to see that the flight attendant just passed with nuts and water. I tried to gain the attention of the flight attendant with no avail. I got out of my seat and asked if i could please have some Water, she quickly snapped and said i just passed and you were sleeping. This was the first time i was refused food and water. I dozed off again and when i awoke everyone was eating I requested food they said with as much disrespectful customer service said i was sleeping. Basically refusing my meal. I have never experienced such an embarrassment on an airline nor as a passenger have i had a complaint, I constantly fly domestic and international. They refused to remove my empty glass and each time had to flag them down for more water. One instance the flight attendant was childish enough to refuse to set my water on the table forcing me t

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