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Published on July 30, 2019

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Hi, thank you for this.

Windstream is horrible. They announced that they would let you know if a call is a scam. Since then I’ve gotten oh about 30 scam calls. No message from them. And I’m very alert of what can be a scam so I’m not affected by that.


Sorry, a big but, Windstream told me that when Social Security did call it was a scam. When I answered I accused them of being a scam but it turned out that it was indeed Social Security. Now Social Security has not responded to my retirement application. It could be that they are very busy but if it turns out that I called them a scammer. I’ll sue Windstream for 50,000. As it would mean my retirement benefits die.

Part Two (yeah two parts). I live out in the country. When it rains the phone is horrible to use. Windstream has come out at least 4 times to fix it. Fix, no it has never been fixed.

And sorry if you call me, they probably will say you’re a scammer too. If you want to contact me email is better.

Thanks again for this.

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Say they are sorry to Social Security for saying they are scammers AND guarantee that my retirement benefits are not killed.

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