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Published on July 31, 2019

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To whom it may concern,

Today 07/18/2019 I had a bad experience with the American Airlines employees at the airport of Morelia, Mexico. The employees stated “If your kid cannot carry her own carry-on luggage you will have to pay for it” my child if 5 years old, I had pay a full ticket for her and have the right to help my kid out if she can’t carry it for herself so she doesn’t get hurt, having someone to force her to take her own carry-on is not okay (she has to have the same benefits as everyone else including personal items and carry on’s). They also stated “It’s on our American Airlines policy” I looked everywhere and could not locate it, if there is such policy where my 5 year old has to be force to carry her own stuff without the help of me (her mother), please send me the link or a copy of the policy. This is really concerning to me because my child can hurt herself without my help. I have never experienced a problem like this but in this airport in Morelia, Mexico with the employees of American Airlines.

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