Airbnb Complaint

Airbnb Complaint

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We booked with a host via Airbnb for our Hawaii vacation from July 30,2019-August 14,2019. We booked with Lizetta M—— for the second week of our vacation at first (which was accepted by the host), then we saw that the availability date for Lizzeta’s house was free for our entire trip and changed our start date to July 30,2019. Lizetta accepted it. Then we hear from Lizetta that her house won’t be available until August 1st because of a gas leak. Ok, we told her that’s fine. We booked another place for our first two days somewhere else and changed the start date with Lizetta from July 30 to August 1st since her house won’t be ready. Lizetta did not accept it. She did not accept it twice. Airbnb customer support had to get involved and finally we got our start date to August 1st and we were told we will get a refund for July 30 and July 31st.

Here’s the problem:

August 1st,2019. Our first day at Lizetta’s.

We get to her general location and couldn’t find the exact unit?/house? We text her to let Lizetta know we’re here but contact for her at all. We contact Airbnb and they give us a listing of other Airbnb houses to stay but none are available. We found a little place on our own and we told Airbnb. Airbnb said they’ll they will only comp us $75 for our bnb we found (cost us $130) and $30 drinks. Airbnb said they’ll try to contact the host, Lizetta.

From then on, Airbnb has been passing the buck around saying another customer support person/colleague will take over our case and every time, nobody contacts us. My husband or I have to contact them and again, it’s just passing the buck. Our time and stress spent on wondering where we’re going to stay is ruining our vacation and took vacation time away from our kids.

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100% refund at the very least.

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