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Published on August 3, 2019

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I had a dish service in Louisiana, spring of 2014 I believe I signed up. For several years I couldn’t watch any tv or very limited tv. I worked two jobs so the frustration of dealing with calling in time and time again at night, having technicians come out again and again never solving a damn thing, but charging me for the visits was unconscionable. FINALLY after four plus years I was speaking with a online trouble shooting technician one night that I was explaining all the multitude of nightmares with my dish account, he said, I see all the notes on your account. Let me look at something. He walked me through the satellite setup links. All these years and he solved the problem by noticing my dish was on a west coast satellite link, not the central one. Thousands of dollars spent for crappy service at best and this one person resolve the issue. However, I sold that property in March 2019 and didn’t really ever get to watch much of anything while living at that property. Dish certainly charged me as if I had though.

Fast forward to present. I have called in multiple times over the past 60 days to discontinue a package I had with dish. To be precise, my wife is Lebanese and speaks Arbiac so we have this package. Once we purchase Amazon Prime at $12 a month we no longer desired the $45 a month package by dish.

Long story short, when I attempted to cancel said programming on my phone the system was updating or down. I called in 7 times to dish to cancel, they would tell me their system is down. Over billing like this for a service we do not desire is tantamount to fraud. I want to be be reimbursed for the charges. Tried to get this done talking to a supervisor, she stated she would not do it.

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