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Published on August 4, 2019

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On August 31,2018 I started my services with At&t wireless at Best Buy. I paid for the taxes on the phones and 1st phone payments plan amounts. Everything I was promised did not happen free activation buy one get one free phones and the plan for $230 a month. and early etf all never happened. I called at&t after I received a bill of over $500 for one month of services for 3 Note 9 phones on a family plan. I paid $255.90 in October and was told I would get credits which never happened I was switched from plan to plan causing more charges. November I received credits after 3 months of constant issues with all 3 phones talk text not working intermediately working with tech support to fix these issues to no avail. In December I paid $372.23 still having issues with the phones and services calling to get a resolution exchanging the phones etc, in January there was an update on the phones fixing the issues everything seemed to be working finally Credits were given February I paid $68.07 I was satisfied with the outcome. In March no issues I paid $188.87. In April there was a major update which brought back the issues plus a new issue the phone dialing a texted contact without dialing a definite privacy issue that has not been fixed yet after constant tech support help and Samsung working on a update to fix it. I paid $163.87 in April and asked for help to get a resolution I was promised credits that I never got and am expected to pay for services we are not getting. The bill is higher as they keep changing it the bill is now $1069 and they are threatening to shut our phones off I made payment arrangements to help keep our services on but they never gave me the credits they said they would so now i have to call again I could really use some help. I tried calling the contact to no avail. I am now being charged for a Damaged in transit Note 9 from Warranty exchange for $935. I sent back 2 phones in 2 different packages both phones were in perfect condition as we use phone cases to damage proof our phones.The only reason we did a warranty exchange was because of the issues with using the phone. I need a resolution as AT&T needed to have Insurance on this phone I am not responsible for their prepaid insurance. I have called 3 times to rectify this situation after reviewing their pictures the box they took pictures of was a different box I am in need of a resolution asap.

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