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Published on August 4, 2019

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In March of this year I opened a wireless account with Sprint Nextel. They tried tom get me approved for the the Samsung 10. They couldn’t get approval so we went with two of the Samsung s-8 for a $35 for deposit each device. I also have a Samsung tab 4 tablet from Samsung and they said they could activate that at no cost except $35 for data. They said my entire bill would be $159 per month total. Every They reniged on then tablet and every single month they have to give me a credit on the bill.

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On June 31sgt I spoke with Jim who is a floor manager & he informed me that he found in the computer where the customer Rep had told me $159 a month total. He said he had personally gone into the system and permanately fixed the issue and that is listed under guarantee number I179793190 & I would have no further problem in the future. This month they are attempting to charge me $171. I had already told him then if I had to call back again, I was cancelling the account and would take them to court.

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