Straight Talk Wireless or Walmart Family Mobile Complaint

Published on August 4, 2019

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They charged my account for two different amounts when renewing minutes. So I called to get a refund for one. They kept transferring me to 7 different people and refused to give me my refund that I didn’t authorize. And then claimed they were processing it. Mid sentence my phone cut out. And completely lost service/signal. I call multiple people to see if my phone is working. I call them back on another phone number to see what happened and they blacklisted my phone and reported it lost/stolen to Verizon. I have been using this same phone for a year and they kept saying that Verizon blacklisted it. I then spoke to a manager and he told me that his employee blacklisted it out of spite and there was nothing that he could do to reverse it. I’m out of $800 for a phone, and $150 for phone service. What do I do?

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