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Published on August 5, 2019

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Misleading customers into bundled contracts paying higher rates than local companies, trying to cancel my tv service from my internet + tv bundle… I was told i will have to pay the remaining months of the contract that i did not use. When i called AT&T i was told by an AT&T CSR in billing that i would have an even higher rate for only internet as a means to bully me into keeping my 93.00 bundled service and prevent me from canceling my bundled contract and going to a more reasonable service provider. AT&T U-Verse tv service is marginally useful and so very limited/confusing that 1 week after having their limited U-Verse tv service, i decided to unplug and disconnect their receiver from my home network. i was still paying 93.00 for roughly 9-10 months of basic internet and a bundled tv service that i was not even using due to lack of content. When asked if AT&T could credit my account for the months of usless tv that was not even used they told me because i didn’t call AT&T and return my equipment that i was “talked out of removing from my bundled service” that there was “nothing they could or would do” for me.

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