AT&T Complaint

Published on August 6, 2019

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My issue is both mobile phone and internet .

I have had my iPhone stolen from work ,working with find my iPhone app and loca

Police were tracking the phone. I went to att with my iPad after speaking on line with them telling my problem. Thay understood forwarded my phone number to iPad but only WiFi had to get a chip I had attt ship from last year in canceled . I went to store the lady at atttold me to get a phone from Walmart and come back , I asked when they closed she says four minutes ago and said she can’t sell me a phone ther closed . She knew my siguation work wth police she got in my iPad pressing thing back and forth on hers .. it looked good I guess she rush me out it turned out she stopped my phone line took it of iPad gave me a new cell number changed my plan with out telling me my phone is used for work. It had been almost a month problem after problem all documented and plus sold me horrible internet , I feel I should be confiscated.

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