Charter Spectrum Complaint

Published on August 7, 2019

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I requested my service be cut off April 27th made my final payment went through on the 28th, tried to return equipment but spectrum store was officially shut down April 1st the closest one was over an hour away which is not feasible. Now they are still charging me for May and June and a total of $245 which I did not ask for. now they’re claiming that did not make a phone call even though I know their conversations are recorded and exactly what I said, I also have recorded conversations with spectrum myself one saying I have a zero balance in the other saying they did see a phone call. I just want help with $245, I did not have service and was not going to pay more for my service that didn’t work right at all to begin with . Had service teck every month, four times in one month and a call at least once or twice a month because my service never work right please help.

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