T-Mobile Complaint

Published on August 8, 2019

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Tmobile failed to cancle my account when I called the first time 1 month ago. They failed to send me my final bill. I have called 2 times for my bill the second time giving them an updated address that they didnt have for whatever reason. I just recieved a call from collections tmobile sent my bill to collections when I asked for it to be froze so I could send my bill to spectrum. They have failed to do anything I have asked. They have impacted my credit tremendously. Set up my phones completely wrong so my son was recieving all info texts. They failed to get me info on the payment for verizon resulting in verizon being sent to collections as well. They have screwed my credit so hard. I have never been late on a bill. Now I have to pay Lexington law to help fix my credit. I couldn’t raise my credit card account. And now my life is put on hold. My buisness plans are on hold.

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