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Published on August 9, 2019

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Entire Experience of Deceptive Business Practices by AT&T/Direct TV

First, unethical deceptive experience started when I called about getting a house phone. I had Direct TV only & I was told first time I had to get the internet to get a house phone by representative. I hung-up that day & explained to that rep how I break cell phones (low income free phone) I can’t afford keep replacing them. Few months later I called back wanting to add house phone & asked for the cheapest internet due to me not needing it. When my services for the internet was improperly installed by technician I called to cancel the internet because it wasn’t working, that rep in cancellations explained to me how I didn’t have to get the internet to get a house phone. I expressed that day how I WAS DISGUSTED I was lied to & then due to that representative attitude I kept the internet. I also, explained how I didn’t like being lied to when I live on a fix-income to get the internet.

Second, unethical deceptive experience was when I called on/around Feb.26th 2019 to add back the house phone service I just cut off in beginning January due to me having to watch my bills to start back paying my student loans. On that day the representative asked me why was I cutting the phone back on when I just cut it off while she checking to see if I could get back the same phone #214-***-*****. I explained to her why (which I thought was none of her business). She continue to ask me if I would like to upgrade my internet & I told her no, I can’t afford to increase my bills due to me living on a fix income, how I was only adding it back because I broke another free cell phone & I have to purchase a replacement. Then I was told by representative the $99 installation fee would be waived, I would receive a $100 Reward Card 14-days after installation. But when the man came out to install the phone he told me he didn’t have to do anything & he didn’t know why they send him. This moment I was disgusted due to me got a lot things going on & I sat around waited on installation for nothing.

1. In the beginning of March I called the reward center 800-288-9983 about my reward card due to me not receiving it. That’s when I was told by a representative that the card hasn’t been process but she saw were it was in the notes that I was supposed to receive a reward card. Around the 20th I called just to verify the card was mailed but instead find out I won’t be getting one due to NO PROMOTIONS for house phone only. I expressed how I’m disgusted with being lied to & if I’m not getting one why did rep in Feb. tell me I was getting one & why when I called the reward center the first time the rep told me she was processing the card within 3 weeks I get it?

2. Then around 26th March I received my bill that was due for April 4th & it was incorrect. I called the deceiving representative company & explained I need this $99 installation off my bill, my internet was changed from $30 package to $50 package & I told lady no I didn’t want my internet changed. Then I wanted to know does AT&T charge me for installation when the guy didn’t install anything, outside the fact I was told it be waived. I was inquiring on type of customer service or getting over on folks with installation charges. Then asked why I’m not getting my reward card when I was told & its note in the computer? That liar told me my issues was going to investigation & somebody would call me about my discrepancies with my bill. I hung up waiting for a call that still as of today 8/9/2019 nobody has called about that investigation. Before this bill my bill due in Jan was 152.82, Feb was 127.46 & in March I get a $348.22 bill. This was serious to get corrected because I do live on a fix income.

3. In April since I hadn’t got a call & on the 3rd I called again but nobody had answers who investigating. Since the 4th has pass I called the 800-288-2020 trying find out who is investigating my concerns & nobody could give me an answer which this frustrated me even more because I can’t afford to get behind. I assumed AT&T provide excellent customer service if they send things to investigation. So the following week & due to nobody has called I typed sent a certified letter regarding my Billing concerns & being lied to about reward card to the corporate address I found on website & also sent a copy of the company motto I found on google search which states “ THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS WRONG”. I assumed that my situation was being investigated when nobody called or sent a letter saying my letter was received.

4. Around April 23th/around time my cable was cut off one morning with no warning. I immediately started back calling 800-288-2020 & searching internet to find some human to contact in corporate about my situation. How I was lied to by representative apparently in March about being sent to investigation because its UNRESOLVED & now I’m going on two months behind because they customer service representative are just liars.

5. Around May 6th, due to nobody has called & my services are suspended which I had no cable, couldn’t make any outgoing calls & Wi-Fi kept working. I eventually found a Judy Garcia VP of Premium care info those links led me to an email address were I sent a letter title Disabled Disgusted Customer. Then the next day a guy called once name Eric Watts from the president office stating he is the manager handling my compliant gave me his contact information 877-404-2417 code 264 ext. 1126 & that somebody should be calling me back. He got off the phone when I thought about it I was like “What kind a manager didn’t even ask me himself about my compliant…he put it completely off on another person.” Then later that day I got a voicemail from lady name Robin in the Appeals & Escalation Team stating she wanted to talk to me about price changes gave me a case# **** call back # 888-958-3030 code 931 ext. 0620. I immediately call Eric about my voicemail & concerns has anybody actually read my compliant letter to corporate because what she talking about isn’t my compliant. Eric or Robin still to this day hasn’t returned one call. Later that day magically MY CABLE WAS BACK ON. I called Eric back several times during the month of May & asking him why I was lied to which nobody seems to care, I wanted to know why IF phone calls are recorded why I’m not getting my reward card & it can be heard I never told my internet to be changed, I even asked just to send me a correct bill. Still Eric hasn’t return my call. I called Eric on 20th of May he was out of office & on his voicemail he states to reach George at 877-404-2417 code264 ext. 0469, which I left him message around 2:15pm regarding the deceptive practice by everybody, my billing issues, my reward card & internet needs to be changed back. Even George still didn’t return one of the only two calls, I called him again on 6/13/19 around1:50pm leaving a message.

6. Around 28th of May my cable was completely disconnected without warning & I was forced to pay $400 to have TV cut back on & I had to not pay my water bill to pay the cable bill. This just disgusted me even more because my original problem shouldn’t led me to being 2moths behind, paying restoration fees & late fees when I was told in March somebody going to call about my bill. Then Eric only called once & supposed to be a manager, that’s why they having a lot of customer service representatives lying & deceiving customers regularly. They are training employees to be deceptive & unethical.

Third, In April I get a warning that 3 movies I purchased (Bad Boys, Booty Call &Little Man) is the last chance to watch them. End of May these movies deleted off my DVR. I called several times 800-288-2020 about purchased movies not rentals & eventually got somebody that told me I need call tech support about the DVR movies. Which I did & I was told by that one representative they didn’t know why movies are being deleted, I had to have my bills & give the actual day I purchased movies in-order to get a credit. Thankful I had last few bills due to no record of movies being deleted or purchased. Its horrible customer service the only way they see what you purchased is if you have bill to give exact date. Then again in June I get a warning label on two more movies going be deleted. I called & the tech representative in June stated they don’t see the message I have but the movies are still on my DVR, just call back when they delete. I expressed WHY AT&T SELLING MOVIES that will eventually delete & customer has to pay attention to call back to get money credited for purchase. This is very inconveniencing & unethical business practice or just deceiving because PURCHASE isn’t RENTING. In July the movies finally deleted & that representative in tech support told me that movies are deleting because AT&T doesn’t have movie anymore. I expressed then that deceptive because why they selling movies knowing they not going to keep movies, it should be rental only, if I don’t pay attention I wouldn’t know movies deleted until I look to watch them. I expressed what kind of customer service I’m paying for when all I do is keep calling AT&T about my bill.

This is a summary of why I’m very disturbed how AT&T are truly practicing deceptive business behavior & truly don’t care from the President office to bottom line call center representative. I don’t understand why I have been calling this company going on 6months about things I was told to on what I thought were RECORDED CALLS. I was put behind in all my bills due to somebody lying to me in March saying its going to investigations.

I’m wondering how did corporate close out my case & case# TX1909068 because my issues was never resolved, I ended up getting cable disconnected, inconveniently caused me behind in other bills trying pay cable bill to keep TV. Then I paid what I could 2weeks ago & now my cable back suspended. I’m truly disgusted SO I UNPLUGGED ALL ATT EQUIPMENT IN MY HOUSE & just want to be compensated for my inconvenient of being a paying customer. I don’t like knowing I called people for a months that haven’t returned my calls.

AT&T sure do treat customers like the motto I found on internet “Customer is Always Wrong”. I still want my reward card I was told & its noted in account. Reward card means I can spend how I like it.

Disgusted Paying Disabled Customer,


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