MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

Published on August 10, 2019

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I bought two phones back in March paid 400 when I was supposed to be getting them free with my switch from boost mobile. Two days ago I walked into the Same store due to my phone being lost and I decided to buy a new phone. The rep didnt help me with my lost device even with insurance every month, instead he made his own decisions on my account, I wanted a new line with new phone instead he added a line to my lost phone account and I paid 158 dollars but when I got home I received alerts from customer care saying I only paid 54 dollars so my question did this guy really RIP me off? I’m absolutely sure he has done so and now I am concerned about my past purchases with this vendor. I checked prices online I was supposed to get my device free since I am purchasing a new line bug instead he charged me 100 dollars more!!!

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