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Published on August 10, 2019

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I never received the internet service nor the call and text reliability I was told that I would receive when I leased the phones. I most recently almost lost an opportunity that could have cost me a great deal of money because the call never rang my phone, nor showed up as a missed call but FORTUNATELY his message did record. Had I not gotten that message, it could have been devastating. I had complaints from employers, family, friend, and clients that I didn’t return calls or answer texts because I never got them. The messages would record when left for incoming phone calls, but they still did not show up as missed calls or in the recent calls tab as ever calling me. Internet NEVER worked for phones. The phones would ONLY get internet service when hooked up through wifi. In Diamondhead, Gulfport, Biloxi, Jackson, and Hattiesburg, all major cities, the internet would not work unless hooked to someone’s wifi – yet I was paying for unlimited service. I’ve had many friends who have complained of the same thing and left Sprint. We left yesterday as we couldn’t get out of the contract until the end of July and went to Verizon. I called and complained many times throughout the year, went through their chat, did all their updates, but nothing ever came of it. They promised the moon and delivered NOTHING. They sent a magic box to my house saying it would work after almost a year of telling me it wouldn’t. It didn’t and I called the company and chatted to let them know about it the same day I received it and set it up. They said they’d send a box for it, I never heard from them, then they charged me for service. I’m still waiting on that box to return it. When I first got the phones, they mixed up the numbers on the phones so my information was on my husband’s phone, then they misspelled my secret answer which they never it but would allow entrance after I told them each time. They said they’d update it last month, but yet when I went to Verizon to change things over my secret answer was STILL misspelled!!! When I spoke with to one of their CSRs the day I was porting over the first CSR said she couldn’t give me my password that she didn’t have access. I called back and another tech did. When I told the 2nd tech the same story I’ve repeated over and over as to my problem when he asked, he said the service didn’t work well in our area – though I was told by everyone else I’d spoken with that it would work everywhere but where I lived where I used the phone on wifi.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
I would like a refund for all the internet service I did not receive and compensation for the phone and text service which was totally unreliable for the year of service I was supposed to receive. I want nothing else from them.

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