Straight Talk Wireless or Walmart Family Mobile Complaint

Published on August 10, 2019

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Your Internet & phone service is extreme unreliable. Data never stays on longer than 15 minutes then crashes. I want my 45.00 back & I will be cancelling your service after 10 years of service. Your Internet in terrible & slower than 3g. Takes 15 to 30 seconds to turn a page on ebay. When I renewed my minutes 3 weeks ago my phone quit working properly. I have kept notes showing internet if off more than on & have pictures of the failures of straight talk. I’m warning everyone to dump straight tal. They must be throttling the speed. Never had issues & before now never got more than 2 bars. I get 3 & 4 bars now but works terrible. Ive never lost intetnet while on my phone till now. I want my $45 back. July 29th & august 5th I had to take my non working phone the phone repair shop in Walmart to reset my phone. It worked for 30 minutes then failed miserably. Data off & on. Never stays on for more than 15 minutes at a time.

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