Airbnb Complaint

Airbnb Complaint

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Pleasee, help me!

They charged me 396.10 eur /xxxxxxx1/.

My credit card was stollen after that and I had to wait new credit card.

On 6.08 I updated my new credit card xxxxxxx5.

On 10/08 when I woke up I got message that they canceled my booking (24 hours before my trip):

– ythey charged me cancleation fee106.16 – no reason, why? I updated my CC.

– they refunded me 289.91 eur to my old credit card xxxxxx1- it doeant exist any more. the money will go back to them.

According their policy I had time till 10/08 and I updated my CC on 06/08.

They left me 24 hours before traveling without money , they cancled my booking, they ruined my reservation.

I was talking to them 24 hours. They were transfering me from one to another person and keep saying- we cant do anything, your booking is cancelled and the cancelation fee will be not refunded. They cancleed my booking and charge me for that.

I was beging them because I cant pay because of their mistakes. They were just robots. I ended up in the hospital with nervous break.

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Dear Airbnb Team,

I have to leave my country in 12 hours and still no resolution from you. I am with 3 children and have nowhere to stay for my summer holiday because of your non -professionalism.

I just borrow some money, because you took mine and I will find another place to stay.

I want compensation of 6000$ because:

1. you cancled my booking for no reasons

2. because you kept me on my pc more then 24 hours to explain all of you how huge mistake you have done

3. because you left me without accommodation with my 3 children

4. because of you I got nervous crise and I had to go to the hospital

5. because of the stress you gave me 24 hours before my holiday

6. because you charged me cancelation fee for cancelation not done by me

7. because you did nothing to fix your system problems

8.because you dont keep your booking policy

9. because of your unprofesional work and slow actions

10. because I did evrything right and you were mading fun of me playing and transfering me from one to another person.

11. you closed my case just like that

I will contact the European commision, Visa card and I will do my best to contact AIRBNB owners to report how you treat me.

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