Straight Talk Wireless or Walmart Family Mobile Complaint

Published on August 11, 2019

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I bought a new phone in February of 2019 . Also I purchased a new sum card from straight talk for the new phone . Now months later I keep getting complaints from customers saying I cant be reached. I get voice mails sometimes a month late . So I call and was told by a customer service agent that whoever set up my new phone didn’t do it right. So I need another sim card. I get another sim card. I call in and tell the guy I talk to that this is a new sim card and needs to be linked with my new phones imei number . I also tell him that there is a reference number that has all the info from my previous call . And of course he’s does the same thing and hooks it up wrong again . Then they tell me I have to pay for a new sim card again … and wait 3 to 4 more days . This phone is how i run my business. I’ve lost atleast 10k from then not setting up my phone right . And everytime i call in i get put on hold for a hour or hung up on . And was told they cant really do anything . This is not good business at all and the worst customer service I’ve EVER experienced.

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