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Published on August 13, 2019

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Original transaction for $390 was made on March 30,2019 via PayPal I never received items and seller turned out to be fraudulent so I requested a refund on July 13,2019 which they advised was completed and sent back to my account and card that had already been closed since May of 2019. Since refund ha’s processed I have not received anything PayPal advises to wait for it to show up to bank first so it can reject back, they’ve done refund traces, advised me to go in bank branches, we’ve done multiple 3way calls, etc but to no avail. I still have not received my $390 a month later. They are now basically saying oh well it shows as completed on our end and will not further assist

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I want my refund for $390 to be sent to my active card, check, or however they can get the money to me

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