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Published on August 13, 2019

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I was told my bill would be $120. I was set up for auto pay. My first bill was $186 which was not agreed upon. My bill was inflated to include fees and charges i was unaware of. Sprints solution was to lower my services and cancel my insurance on my note 9. This was not what i signed up for. My free tablet was not free, and i never recieved my discounts or credits. I spoke to sprint about 20 times i was lied to repeatedly, they would not send me a copy of my contract. Then corporate lied to me as well. My phone has been disconnected twice. I was overcharged on my debit card several times. I paid part of a deposit for a phone that i changed my mind on and didnt get my money back. I made arrangements to pay this high bill then was disconnected and told that i never made such arrangements. Ive had it with their lies and misrepresentations. They also refuse to ever transfer me to their cancellation department. They transfer my calls instead to the wrong person everytime. They advise me to wait to pay my bill so that it can be fixed but then turn off my phone, charge me late fees amd a fee to reconnect service. Ive put money towards an additional phone line that i changed my mind about then i didn’t get my money back or put the money towards my phone bill. Im so tired and frustrated with their lies, charging me too much money and then i dont get any of it back in credits or cash. They are so underhanded and shady and their customer care department specialists are rude. They mock me, they try to talk circles around me to confuse me and make me think i misunderstood something and i actually owe them more money when in fact they owe me money at this point. They wont even let me cancel because the bill is overdue so instead they will continue to add money to account that i have to pay before i can even cancel my service or get out of my contract. Nothing they do or say adds up and they are crooked.

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Either fix my bill so i only pay what i agreed to pay removd the fees that shouldnt ne charged and correct the past bills as well. Or let me out of their ridiculous contract so i can change phone providers

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