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Published on August 14, 2019

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There are several issues involved. The most obvious is that with a change of policies that the company enabled in order to protect its interests from people who rented cars and did not pay tolls, it had certain unexpected effects for people who used it for Lyft rentals which was — I was unable to add the car to my toll roads account or pay the toll fees. It said fleet vehicle — you CANNOT add this vehicle. The automated charges on my credit card were not possible anymore. AND I could not pay immediately — I had to WAIT a few days for the charges to appear, REMEMBER WHEN the toll happened, at WHAT TIME, on WHAT ROAD — it was a memory test from hell. AND when I called they said IT EXPIRED. I had a very tiny short window in which to remember and call and pay — I mean they seemed as short as 24 hours! a few days down the line! NOW, I was a full time student and working and performing music, and I still had to remember this. I was not able to pay. Impossible. Every single time Hertz charged a 4+ exorbitant fees for a small toll road charge. It was insane. Several times they blocked me from getting the rental, so it was extortion at least, since it was my only occupation at the time. It added up to a lot of money. I contacted LYFT immediately, with NO SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM! I finally got a hold of the toll company and they told me the situation and the changes of policy on Hertz’s side and their motivation, and I understood why, but they also TOLD me the window to pay those were very short indeed, and THE ONLY WYA TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM — something which Hertz and Lyft NEVER Told me, was to buy an Express Account device and place it on the dashboard, so every time I went through a toll, that device would record it. But I was moving away from the area for graduation soon and I shied away from it. That’s ONE.

Here’s TWO: After the car was returned and CLEARED with Lyft, and paid for — by the way, it’s a very expensive rental for shitty vehicles. I have photos of the vehicle that was renewed EVERY MONTH with no problem, the Hertz company decided unilaterally charge me 1,000 USD for damages!? Highly illegal. That is corporate overreach. I was never involved in any accident with this vehicle and everything was reported. Doesn’t this company know we make 3 USD an hour driving their vehicles!? This is embarrassing and shameful how this company tries to extort and run drivers to the ground until they bleed to death. Shameful.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Cease and Desist of all collection attempts and the extortion charges. Refund all the toll fees applied by Hertz, minus the toll costs.

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