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Published on August 16, 2019

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Our case is so long and ridiculous but basically we had great service for a year in our home. Comcast came and did work on a neighbors home one year ago and our service declined horribly. Over time it got worse and worse. I spent hours, and I mean hours, on the phone with Comcast, chatting with Comcast, Troubleshooting with Comcast, techs came late, on wrong days, and made things worse. When I finally got to the CEO I had to fight to be heard. Finally we got to someone who was going to help us and she said they needed to come out to take a look. She brought her two “MVP” techs in and they walked the house with me. They told me they would run some wires under our home, where it would not be visible, and everything would work great. Instead they poked a hole, literally, in the side of our home (very visible and it ended our siding warranty on our home), under our home (which we had just closed off after having a major mouse issue), they took our only working phone jack, and hardwired a bunch of devices with big, yellow, ugly cords. This was not approved by me. Hannah, Comcast security, came with the two techs and she told me that Comcast would reimburse me for the year of non-working service and that I would have to sign for it because it would be a substantial amount. She told me she would check on me in three days to see how things were working and also so I could pick up the refund. We paid $280 a month for the entire year. She never contacted me so I contacted her and she did not deny the refund. Instead she said the issue is not at Comcast’s fault because it was electrical. I told her that was not right and she asked me to call her to chat. I responded letting her know that I would no longer be speaking on the phone, because they had broken my trust so many times, that so wanted to communicate in writing and she literally stopped responding after that. We were in the middle of changing our wi-fi back to our original name because they changed it, in the middle of the work they did, in the middle of the mistakes they made, and she stopped talking to me and gave me the silent treatment. I kept texting and emailing her and nothing. Two weeks go by and I get a message from one of the guys in the exec building who emailed me. I emailed back, told him what happened, told him I wanted to communicate in writing and he stopped responding immediately after that. Again, we tried again and again with no reply. I looked up the exec emails and emailed away to try to get in touch with someone. I sent all of my screenshots, emails, text messages, etc because I wanted to give them the full picture. It took quite a few because the files were too big. No response except one saying they were looking into it. Then I got a certified letter a week ago. The letter stated that my “numerous emails were harassment”, that I had threatened Comcast (with an attorney to help us sort it out because they were not responding to us and we had no idea why)(I have never in my life threatened anybody) and for that purpose they were terminating our service, they banished me, my husband, my 10 year old son and 9 year old daughter from ever having service again though Comcast, they told us this address would never be eligible for Comcast again, they told me if any of us stepped foot into a Comcast store they would contact the appropriate authorities for trespassing, they wrote a cease and desist allowing me to only speak to the one Comcast exec who gave me the silent treatment and they are having us send our equipment in. I was cordial and kind to all of them. So they totally messed up our electric system in our home, damaged it and put a modem in my child’s room that got so hot it melted paint off the windowsill. I had my builder come out to look at the damage and it ended our siding warranty on our home, they took away our only phone jack and we don’t have internet or cable in a time it is crucial because I suffer major medical issues that I use my internet to communicate with my doctors and also my home business. I had to shut down my business because their internet service got so bad. Our builder confirmed that it was not a electric issue, that would make no sense considering we had excellent service, no work done, and it went to shit (sorry for the language). So I contacted the one person I am allowed to contact to let him know the builder looked at it, the electrician looked at it, they damaged our home and I needed them to address that and, again, no answer. I am furious. How do you banish two kids from a company for nothing? I have a mountain of evidence and Comcast is responsible for a large amount of issues.

Not to mention one of their techs entered our home, without our permission, when nobody was home and Comcast covered for him!

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