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Published on August 16, 2019

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Because PayPal has total control over my money, and has put my account $-310.00 by refunding a buyer $600.00 for an item that he claimed was not shipped to him by me, the seller of that item, when in fact that item was shipped to his doorstep with FedEx, and I or anyone else who wishes to, can prove this is true by simply Tracking the package using their package tracking software they provide.

In doing this, PayPal has effectively ended my online business on EBay AND STOLEN $300+ dollars of profit directly from my PayPal balance from the sale of many more items I sold to various customers nationwide shortly after this FALSE CLAIM was enacted upon me and my hard earned money and did not even allow me to defend myself against this wrongdoing by allowing me to make any sort of appeal whatsoever.

It is illegal and I know and represented by an attorney and I love her and seek to recover my lost and stolen money, in the form of revenue from online sales, and in addition to that go after fraudulent buyer for more compensation as well. It will will be 10 times the amount originally stolen from me by PayPal and this lair and thief buyer who purchased a $600 item from me, waited til I shipped it, and then convinced PayPal to refund him that money directly from my PayPal account without my permission, then shortly after received his shipment for FREE ON HIS DOORSTEP WHILE EFFECTIVELY PLACING ME LAIBLE FOR A LOSS THAT DID NOT OCCUR AND ENDED MY NEWLY STARTED ECOMMERCE SMALL BUSINESS THAT I STARTED BY MYSELF IN ORDER TO PROVIDE A PLACE TO LIVE FOR MY SMALL FAMILY.

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ReOpen my EBay/PayPal account and reimburse me for the $600 dollars that they helped a fake buyer steal from me that ended my online business.

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