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Published on August 17, 2019

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I rented a car from Enterprise this past spring 2019 from Bay City,MI to go to West Texas. When I got to Oklahoma it started getting Hot so I turned the AC on , and it Didn’t work.

I called customer service , they told me to Get to my destination which was 800 More miles. And take it to a enterprise agent in OdessaTX and they would check it out.

Then I got to the turnpike toll just south of Oklahoma City, I heard a noise like something was dragging. The person at the toll said that something in front of my car was down dragging and said I could pull over to where they park to check it out. I did the plastic shroud below the front bumper had dropped down.i called enterprise customer service. They told me to drive it the rest of the way now 700 miles. I said it’s dragging under the car they said there’s nothing they could do and they aren’t allowed to go on toll roads and it was my responsibility to get off the turnpike to a safe area first. I at this time was very frustrated. I had no idea what to do it was getting late it was hot ,i called again and i said if i drive the car it mbv at do more damage. I had already called my insurance company where i had purchased extra insurance for rental coverage, they took my information so enterprise again said they can’t do anything and it was my responsibility to get it off the toll road. Mind you ever time I called them I had to reidentify everything including my name car make license number my pickup location etc. Even the forth time I called them they said to call the Oklahoma City Airport enterprise agent. I did they said they can’t get me while on the tollroad. I said I can’t drive the car,they finally said they will send a wrecker to get the car and for me to call for a ride from uber or taxi. To bring me to the airport before they close, I was really upset hot dirty from laying on the ground checking out what was dragging. I didn’t know what to do, mind you I have COPD I have a portable oxygen machine but needed recharging but the outlet in the car didn’t work so I didn’t have that. Wrecker guy called me and said he was coming and would be there in 20 minutes.

The AAA wrecker came the Driver was the kindest person, and understanding he observed the car and noticed that apparently the plastic pins that hold the shroud up have came out causing it to drop, I had to back the car up for the wrecker to hook it up when I did the plastic shroud drugg forward and cracked the plastic bumper and the shroud. The wrecker guy asked how I was getting to the airport I said I didn’t know. I was didn’t know who to call to get a ride. He said they aren’t sending some one to get you. I said they told me it was my responsibility. He called them and asked why they didn’t he said he would give me a ride and make sure I got a different car before he left me. So we got to the airport now little before closing dropped the car at where they said to and he drove me around to the front of airport and helped me with all my stuff and went inside to enterprise rental booth. I thank the wrecker driver for his out standing customer service, I was stranded if not for him .The lady agent told me to fill out paperwork and I needed $500 for the Deductible for my insurance. I said I didn’t have a accident why would I have to do that she said well the it was damaged somehow you must if hit something, I said again I didn’t hit anything, I paid $500 so I could get a car and get to my destination it was getting late they were ready to close. I loaded everything and left back on the road. Very frustrated the power outlet didn’t work so I stopped at a convenient store and asked if I could charge my machine and my phone. So after 15 ,minutes back on the road. And drove to my destination. I had to borrow money to get back since I had to pay the $500 and extended the rental until I could get the money.

After I got back home I sent a email to enterprise rental CEO and the next day i got a call from them and said they would give me a discount for my next time i use them. I said I’m not going to again they said well i was authorized to give you a refund is that ok i said that would be a start but i should get compensation for more from all the stuff I went through I rented a car so I could have a trouble free trip and that didn’t happen your company was rude and was going to leave me stranded at Night on a toll road 800 miles from home. and I have a medical condition to have oxygen and could. They said they would give the refund my rental and I didn’t here from them not even a letter stating what I asked for and agreement for compensation. After a few calls and emails since

I found a enterprise compliant resolution site I emailed them I got a call from a James from there office and he said that was all they were going to give me was the refund. I said I still wanted more compensation. I didn’t want to take them to court. he said I guess you will have to get a attorney and sue then good luck. Very rudely.

I emailed again and got a response that they were sorry for James rudeness. Then I got a call from someone else she said how come I waited so long to ask for more compensation. Very rudely. I said I have contacted them and never got a response and they never got back to me after I told them original wanted more compensation, she said well were not I said I didn’t agree on that and how would you like to be treated that way and left stranded. She said do what you want take us to court. And hung up.

I’m so frustrated I posted on Facebook and on there site I just found another site for enterprise complaints there several I see . Now waiting for next steps or take them to court.

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