Charter Spectrum Complaint

Published on August 18, 2019

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Cancelled service on 9 July 2019 due to active military PCS move orders. Per orders, had to report to new duty station in 10 July. I couldn’t return the equipment until I was allowed leave from new unit on 20 July. All account dues were paid except the equipment charge. Upon return of equipment on 20 July, service rep informed me account dues were satisfied. On 6 Aug, received bill for $90.99 for credit card rejection when they attempted to charge my auto pay card in the account for the equipment (that was turned in on 20 July). Upon discussing on phone with Spectrum, they charge the auto pay card on my account after a period of time if the equipment isn’t turned in and my card was declined because my address changed. I informed her I could not change my address on my account because my account no longer existed after 9 July. She informed me that they continued charging the auto pay card until another form of payment is received. How is this not fraud?

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