Frontier Communications Complaint

Published on August 20, 2019

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They shot my bill up from $20 a month to $35 a month. They tried and failed multiple times before and after the price change to have Me upgrade.

My service half-ass works, and when I try to file a complaint, nothing ever gets done. I contacted the Office of the President over a week ago, and only got a letter/email in said time because they sent a bill and told me my payment was behind. I’m not paying them if they’re not giving me the service I’m paying for.

Then they have technicians come by in trucks, so I wait at home. One time, the truck passed by a few times, never stopped. Another time they never even showed up. Then, they’d say they “Resolved the issue”.

I’m also a college student, taking online courses. I had a timed quiz, and after answering the first few questions, the service went out, and I failed the quiz with maybe a 10.

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