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Published on August 20, 2019

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I canceled 3 of 5 phones on my Sprint account on March 11, 2019.

My older daughter and older son both decided to stay with Sprint and upgrade. This caused an issue with the 2 phones being returned, and the one I wanted to keep and purchase, showing as owed on the account.

My daughter and son couldn’t see what they needed to pay so we processed a change of ownership for them to make their own account. This exacerbated the problem. The change of ownership somehow got botched and the phone contracts fell to my account but not as a contract.

During this the other two phones were taken off of my account as they were returned successfully.

Sprint then said that I owed $2,616.11 on my account. I immediately called customer service when I became aware of this bill. The overseas customer service didn’t understand my questions or didn’t want to understand my questions of why do I owe this bit instead badgered me with pay pay pay type responses. My daughter and son were paying the same amount, from our calculations of the deal they bought, so it didn’t make sense to me. I explained this but the response was you can make a payment. I told him I’m not paying anything until I get an explanation of why I owe so much money on a canceled account.

In June I received a letter from GCS, dated June 4, 2019. It said I owed $2609.91. I then received a letter from Sprint finance, dated June 8, 2019. It said I owed $2616.11.

With such terrible results with Sprint’s customer service team, I called GCS on June 27, 2019 and talked to a more helpful guy named Andre or LeAndre?. I talked to him about the issue and asked him to put a dispute into the account to find out why the amount was so high as, even with the phones (which I found out on my own), should have only been around $1,900 (Sidenote: my son’s phone was supposed to be $20 a month but was $40 s month). This is when the mess got really “fun.”

Sprint, despite me trying to resolve this issue amicably, decided, from my previous autopay agreement, to steal $952.32 from my bank account. It was almost all of the money I had in my account at the time. It caused us a great deal of money struggle.

I called GCS to find out if they collected the money but they had not done so. I called the Sprint number, from the mailer, and actually talked to someone stateside who explained the issue. Always, every time I call, I’m placed on hold, shuffled around, disconnected, not helped completely and essentially told to pay.

I have since put a disputed in with my bank in an ongoing struggle to put this behind us. Despite taking that money they won’t even unlock my phone from that account.

I would’ve more than happy to set up a payment plan if they could have helped me explain the issue early on in the process.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
I would like my phone unlocked. I would like the $952.52 refunded to my account and then the payment plan setup.

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