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Published on August 21, 2019

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Install service Technician NO SHOW, NO CALL TWICE to new address request for service move.

Third request for installation stated 7-10 more days to wait. Waited over a month. Had to switch providers could not wait any longer. Not acceptable! Prorated bill for June 17-July 1st Asking for $42 which I have no intentions of paying and will attempt to arbitrate or file in General Sessions exceeding the cost for matters of Principle. Lost two days of work waiting at my home from 8am-1pm with NO CALL and NO show of the AT&T installer (TWICE!!) Then expected the consumer to wait another 7-10 days for a third attempt to reschedule service? NOT IN MY WORLD! As a Professional Onsite Field Service Technician for over 19 years (And an Authorized AT&T U-Verse Technical Installer) This is unacceptable. ZERO tolerance in my industry for no show, no calls! You get fired and I let you do this to me TWICE. Two days of work lost waiting for your tech, 4 hours on the phone trying to resolve reschedule and today I’m two hours into my day initiating disputes. I will not be forced into arbitration. AT&T breached contract to provide service. I am filed with the BBB, i-Team Investigative Reported and the FTS if we cannot drop the $42 charge entirely. Today 8-21-19 I contacted customer service to inform them of my decision to fight this charge and will seek legal channels, social media State & Federal consumer protection avenues until this case is reviewed and dropped. I have no intention of paying this bill given the run around and time wasted and the way AT&T treated me. In addition,

Demanded credit check be re pulled again while an existing customer is in a word stupid! I will absorb as of much time to see this case through irregardless of the fact that were disputing a mere $42!!!

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