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Published on August 21, 2019

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Since the day I had Comcast install my high speed internet, May 9th 2012, my WIFI has been terrible. I’ve had weak spotty signal strength that dropped my phone call, Streaming services and booted me off the internet. Over the years when I called the sales floor they call customer service. I was told to reset my equipment, they’d send a tech, and/or they’d tell me I needed to purchase higher speed. Which resulted in them getting more of my hard earned money. June 13th 2019, during a house call a Comcast technician discovered that a cable was connected incorrectly in the Comcast installed WIFI amplifier. I haven’t had internet issues since. I called Comcast seeking compensation for 85mo. of my families wasted time and money. I’ve never dealt with anything like Comcast customer service. The level of deflecting, stalling and arrogance of U.S. call centers is infuriating and systematic. The non-U.S. call centers, where English is likely a 2nd language, the lying is systematic and depressing. The end game is the same, to keep Comcast from returning money to people they’ve wronged. But the difference between the two experiences are glaring, obvious and racist. Comcast has either trained or incentivized their foreign workforce to behave the way they do. Either way it’s exploitative and despicable. I hope someday someone looks into it. 4 days into dealing with Comcast on this matter they started to admit to the companies blame, but they still won’t let me review my billing statements going back to 2012 so that I can assess just how much money Comcast has taken from me and my family for a service they never provided. Last Saturday Aug. 17th 2019 they sent a tech to my home to check my signal strength. I assume this was another stall tactic, being that they can check signal strength sitting at a computer from anywhere in the world. As of Aug. 19th 2019 I’ve been told that my complaint has been elevated from executive to the corporate level. Whatever that means.

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