Uber Complaint

Uber Complaint

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Provided a drive as an employee of over 100 miles across two cities in upstate New York and was at first compensated 97.96. The fare was quickly removed from my available funds before I could withdraw them and replaced with a 0.00 balance in my account. After calling support I was told my funds would be available the next business day after processing, but the next morning woke up to a notification that my Uber fare was adjusted from 97.96 to 3.33 without any further explanation. After calling once more than morning, I was told the issue was going to be resolved and the error would be fixed by the following business day. The following day, the 3.33 fare pay had not been adjusted, but the ride receipt details had changed to reflect my new 3.33 compensation for this 2 1/2 hour drive, and now stated the rider had paid about 75 dollars and of this, Uber received about 65 dollars as a “service fee”. I called once more about the issue and was told the exact same (word for word) thing as the previois 2 calls, that it would be fixed within the next business day and thank you for being an Uber partner. Still haven’t received an adjustment to properly compensated me for this drive and have since contacted support via messaging as opposed to call about 4 times throughout the past two days, and have been ignored by the company in every attempt to contact them since.

What would you like the company to do to fix the problem? (optional)
Fare adjustment and compensation for any legal fees/the several hours spent trying to resolve the issue through support.

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