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Published on August 21, 2019

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On Monday, August 5 I took flight 779 from Denver to Cleveland. I became physically ill during takeoff on the flight. When I grabbed my motion sickness bag and began puking into it, it was torn at the bottom. The vomit flowed out of the bag and all over me, as well as onto my seat and floor area. Everyone around me was scrambling looking for their motion sickness bags, and not a single person around me had one in their seat. So I was forced to sit there and vomit on myself over and over again until it was safe for the flight attendant to bring me another bag and something to clean up with. It was horrifying, disgusting, a safety issue, and humiliating.

After the flight, the flight attendants were sitting at the front of the plane chatting. I had to remind them that I had vomited everywhere and where I was sitting. It was unlikely that they were planning on sanitizing my seat in any way.

United Airlines is so focused on turning flights over quickly that they overlook providing motion sickness bags to clients. What happened to me was completely dehumanizing, and there is no protocol in place for sick clients who cannot get out of their seats during takeoff or landing.

UA denied my request for a refund and only sent me back a generic email.

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I would like a refund. In addition, I would like a commitment from United Airlines to provide motion sickness bags for clients and to check them between flights to prevent biohazardous material from getting on passengers and seats.

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