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Published on August 22, 2019

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I was contacted by an third party agent named Sean he says he works for an company called Telesales. He offered me a pkg that includes 70 cable channels. I asked if the channels included VH1 and OWN. He said yes that I can choose whichever channels I wanted that I’d just have to download the stream app. He said my bill would be only $50 a month if I signed up for auto pay and equal billing through my online account. I did not feel comfortable with were here with me so I asked him what was the name of the deal he says simple and easy and then after 12 months I could re-enroll in the same program for the same price. I asked Sean For his supervisors name in which he gave to me he said it was Iesha Woodfield And he said her phone number was 678-393-7750 I asked for his ID but he stated that they do not have ID. The name of the company is telesales.Sean text me the contract and I signed it. Only to find out later that night that he lied and tricked me out of my current contract which was cheaper.

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