MetroPCS / Metro by T-Mobile Complaint

Published on August 22, 2019

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Had metro PC’s for over a yr. One day I no longer have signal. I struggled for three months with no couldn’t receive school calls,doctor calls, extremely important messages I missed, as well as trying to get income for my family. Metro PC’s workers had no care to listen to my issue rather alone fix it. All they wanted was more money. I was told it was my battery,I locked myself out of my SIM/phone, I spent 3 months basically everyday calling the costumer service line or going to the metro PC store just to be put down and told to leave the store. After everything they were to replace my husband’s phone and I was to ship mine to be looked at. Finally results my husband was without a phone and the company kept my phone unless I bought my phones back I couldn’t have them. Stated metro PC didn’t cover my area and that our phones were bought on to the plan when we bought our phones new from the company. Now at one point our phones where supposed active and we were using them yet them company had/still has my phone so therefore who has my phone. Thanks to metro it took me months to leave my house due to I don’t know who has my phone or my information that they wouldn’t put a stop to. Metro PC has allowed me to live this way due to not resolving the issue when I took the phones and addressed it immediately instead they treated me like trash .

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