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Published on August 24, 2019

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As an existing customer, AT&T pulled a hard check on my credit when I relocated within the same city. I was under contract with AT&T the entire time (2 year contract, 14 months in). AT&T violated the signed contract after establishing service at my new address by increasing the rates it charges me. I set up this move well before I actually relocated. It took AT&T a month to re-establish service. After spending hours upon hours, missing a day from work to meet someone from AT&T, still, the rate promised me for an additional year jas changed, going up yet again. Violation of privacy by illegally pulling my credit, breach of contract, time away from work, the ultimate frustration and time spent on the phone, and now I feel as if I am being held hostage with an early termination fee after AT&T has already breached its own contract. Something is blatantly, awfully wrong with this company and I deserve better. It’s my money and time.

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