Airbnb Complaint

Airbnb Complaint

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I made a reservation. Paid $50 in gift cards and $16.10 on a debit card. The next day my reservation was canceled by Airbnb because of a credit check. The $26.10 was refunded the same day. I have since been fighting to get a $50 gift card or check for the rest of what I paid. I am repeatedly told to dispute it with the credit bureau which is not the issue. I am told they cannot service my account which again and the block me. My nephew tried to use the gift cards and they did not work. I sent Airbnb a statement from my bank showing there had been no refund because Airbnb states it refunded me. I just want the $50 back. I have sent certified letters to the legal department and nothing works.

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Mail me a check for $100 to.cover the cost of the certified letters sent plus my time, frustration and the original $50 psid.

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