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Published on August 26, 2019

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I work for AT&T but am also a customer. I recently took a promotion which changed the dates that I get paid and would make it difficult to pay my at&t bill on time. To avoid late charges, I requested that the move my due date up by 4 days. The representative made the change over the phone but did not disclose that this 4 day change would result in an advance bill of $309.99. Since I only increased my bill cycle by 4 days, I should have had a proration amount equal to 4 days, and then the advanced payment of 4 days, not an entire month. Since at&t does not prorate final bills, and since they have already charged me an entire month in advance when I set up service and added charges to my account, this charge means I will have now paid 2 months in advanced payment, and will not get this credited back to me. Furthermore, when the due date change took effect, I had just received a bill with a due date of 8/4, the change kicked in before this due date but after the bill was received. When the change took effect, it closed out the first bill and made that entire amount past due even though it was before the original due date. None of this was disclosed to me before the change was made. I spent several hours on the phone with at&t to try to resolve this, but they told me they will not issue a credit because I work for the company, they only issued a good-will credit of $20. I have called the FCC and the FTC, but they are not able to assist, and I have left messages with attorneys, but none have called me back. Please help.

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