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Published on August 26, 2019

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I gave a trip to a group of college students. While getting in the vehicle one spilled a drink, I was told was only kool-aide and it was actually a mixed drink, on the passenger seat of my vehicle. I filed the cleaning fee with uber. They told me I needed a receipt with 3 criteria. I asked 3 times if anything else needed to be on the receipt or if a certain company needed to do the cleaning. I was given the same link to the same information every time. After getting the cleaning and getting a receipt hand written because his printer was broken, I was told it wasn’t valid for reasons I was not made aware of before, even after I tried to ask them questions about this possibility. Now I’m being told I will not receive the cleaning fee I have already paid for and have wasted countless hours of my time trying to resolve the issue all while be accused of making false claims for cleaning fees.

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Pay my cleaning fee of $70

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