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Published on August 26, 2019

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Wells Fargo is making it EXTREMELY difficult for me to close my account, which I have never used. I opened the account on 7-26-19. Today, alone, I spent over 3 hours and 25 minutes getting passed from person to person with nothing but misinformation, which I finally discovered when I contacted “Customer Care” to file a complaint. I am also legally disabled, which I was reluctant to share with the several people I had to deal with. At one point I was told that I couldn’t close it over the phone because my balance was too low ($25), ie: that it costs WF more than my “low balance” ($25) to send me a check. I was told this by the Escalation Manager, Rhonda, and confirmed by Griselle from the “Executive Office”, which is the “top of the food chain”. Finally, I contacted Customer Care, who took my complaint (taking 2 hours 45 minutes) and at the end of the phone call I was informed that I cannot close the account until 30 from the time I opened the account, which I only found out after 2+ hours, and only upon my very specific queries and the reps thorough research. At that point I had already talked to more than 5 reps who all contributed to all the misinformation, including Rhonda and Giselle, mentioned above. My case number is *******.

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I would like reimbursement for my time that Wells Fargo wasted, and compensation for violation of the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, based on the following:

Even though I informed the last 4 reps of my transportation limitations, they kept telling me that I have to come into the bank, or print a 4-page form and mail it to a very specific address. However, I don’t have a working printer, which means I’d have to go to staples to print out their 4-page form, or impose upon someone else to do so. Nevertheless, mailing in their form is also likely to be misinformation as I ultimately found out that the real issue is that the account ‘can’t be closed until after 30 days of opening’. However, at this point, I’m not even if that is correct!

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