AT&T Wireless Complaint

Published on August 27, 2019

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I signed up with DirecTV 4-10-18 , 24 month contract starting at $42 monthly for internet & Directv bundles. I never got the internet,

Because I was told I couldn’t get internet at my address, because Comcast had my neighborhood. Hot dog, I felt catfished!Less than 6 months into the contract bill went up to $85..

Then to my surprise DirecTV merged into AT&T. I was not happy. In my past I had At&t and hated them.If I would have known DirecTV would have become AT&T I would have never signed up!. I noticed my bill getting bigger & bigger. My fixed income couldn’t afford the bill of $150 a month. I called in each time the bill increased. Person I talked to found my bill increased to soon. Promised me a 5 month credit. That didn’t work. Bill kept increasing. To make matters worse, my bill increased, without getting internet of which was included in the contract.

My last bill was $250. I felt defeated, depressed. Coming out hospital after having major surgery, thinking This is ridiculous.

I called to cancel, I requested they send box so I can pack this equipment, send it to them before They charge me more on top of early cancellation fees..

I am done with these large At&t power companies.

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